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Looking to buy solar panels to beat loadshedding? We offer affordable solar panels for sale. Our solar panel prices are the best in the market.

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Looking to Buy Solar Panels for sale?

Buy Solar Panels to safeguard your residential and commercial building against load shedding. Solar Square provides affordable solar panels for sale to help you reduce your electricity cost and minimise your ecological footprint, playing a crucial role in combating climate change.

Why purchase solar panels?

The decision to purchase solar panels is primarily driven by the desire to protect the environment and reduce electricity bills. Solar panels are a source of clean, renewable energy that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, they offer financial benefits in the form of lower energy bills and potential government incentives while also increasing the value of your property. Investing in solar panels is a long-term commitment to energy independence, providing protection from fluctuating energy prices and often paying for themselves over their lifespan of 25-30 years, despite the initial installation costs. At Solar Square, we offer the best solar panel prices to provide for a budget friendly transition to solar energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 5kW solar system cost in South Africa?

In South Africa, a 5kW solar system typically costs between ZAR 75,000 – 120,000 without battery storage and ZAR 120,000 – 200,000+ with battery storage. The final cost depends on factors like the type of panels, inverters, and batteries used.

How much is 1 solar panel in South Africa

Solar panel prices in South Africa vary significantly based on factors such as the size and type of system, with individual solar panels ranging from R3,000 for a 300W panel to R5,000 for a 500W panel

What can a 3kW solar system run

A 3kW solar system can power essentials like lighting, a refrigerator, microwave, computer, and television, along with some smaller appliances. Managing usage patterns can also allow running an air conditioner or washing machine.

How much is a 10kW solar system in South Africa

In South Africa, a 10kW solar system generally costs between ZAR 150,000 – 220,000 without battery storage and ZAR 220,000 – 350,000+ with battery storage. The exact price depends on the quality of panels, inverters, batteries, and installation complexity.

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