Affordable Solar Solutions for Homes in South Africa

We are committed to powering a greener future with our state-of-the-art solar solutions. As a leading solar system provider in South Africa, we specialise in delivering high-quality, sustainable, cost-effective solar solutions tailored to your unique home and office needs. Find affordable solar for sale to beat load shedding and reduce your electricity bills.


Affordable Solar Solutions for Sale for your home and business

Why Choose Solar Square for Your Solar Solutions

By selecting Solar Square as your solar system provider, you’re investing in a future of environmental sustainability and economic savings. Our custom-designed solar solutions significantly reduce energy costs, enhance property value, and increase energy independence. Our systems are reliable, require minimal maintenance, and have expert installation and ongoing support. Additionally, you’ll benefit from government incentives and contribute to a greener community. Embrace a reliable, cost-effective, eco-friendly energy source with Yangoyo, where quality meets innovation and customer satisfaction.

solar power system for home - Solar Square - South Africa

Components of A Complete Solar Solution For Your Home

solar solution components - Solar Square - South Africa

How do off-grid Solar Energy Solutions work?

Off grid solar solutions operate by transforming sunlight into electricity through solar panels, which are then accumulated in batteries for later use. The system comprises a solar charge controller that regulates the power flow, ensuring that the batteries are protected against overcharging and charged efficiently. When electricity is required, the stored power in the batteries is converted from DC to AC power through an inverter, making it suitable for household or commercial devices. This allows for a self-reliant power supply that is not reliant on the primary grid.

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